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Dears, Kindly Help me to get Proper settings Based on my Below values I want to Know the Jockey Pump start and Stop Setting, Electric Pump start, diesel Pump start.   1500GPM Electric and Desiel Pump 50 GPM Jockey Pump Churn Pressure for diesel Pump 250psi with Suction 90psi City suction 66psi Minimum max 90psi what are the

I'd like to know where I can find the 2020 updates of the NFPA 51B Standard for fire prevention during welding, cutting, and other hot work. Thanks. 
I am working in a setting where industry wants to utilize clean-up hose for firefighting.  If it meets the size and flow requirements of a Class 2 standpipe and hose system, I advise that fire hose must be inspected, tested, and maintained but I have not found any restrictions from utilizing the hose for other purposes.  
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NFPA 20 says that jockey pump stop point should equal the pump churn pressure plus the minimum static supply pressure. In our case we consider static supply pressure is about zero since water is taken from water tanks (not city potable water network). So jockey pump stop point should equal the pump churn pressure only. Now the question is which
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Just need a second opinion I have a customer that has soow cord hanging from the ceiling connected to cnc machines if I am correct this is against code they have conduit running to the boxes and soow cord coming down as drops connected to the machine this was done from an electrical company so I was curious if this was up to code