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NFPA Conference & Expo starring YOU, coming June 2014 to Mandalay Bay

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If 'all the world's a stage,' then let your act have purpose!   Next year at NFPA's Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, YOU could be one of the stars! 

Let's see what some former presenters have to say about their experience on stage…


"Presenting a program at the NFPA Conference is <span style="color: #c00000;">very high profile</span>and<span style="color: #c00000;"> leads to fantastic exposure</span> within the NFPA community, to your peers, and to the industry as a whole." – +Mark C. Ode, UL, former presenter and NFPA electrical instructor


"I have made presentations at the annual NFPA Conference over a number of years.  Being a presenter has had several tangible benefits for me and my company.   

It is the best stage anywhere in which to demonstrate your technical expertise or that of your organization. My conference presentations have increased my visibility throughout the fire protection and life safety industry.  The contacts I and others with my company have made as a result of my conference presentations have resulted in numerous business opportunities.  Some of our biggest international customers were first introduced to our company through NFPA conference presentations.</span>  Don't forget that being a presenter is also just plain fun.  Interacting with the attendees, sharing experiences and knowledge, making new friends and business contacts—well, it doesn't get any better than this."  – +Russell Leavitt, Telgian Corporation, former presenter and NFPA sprinkler instructor


Are you convinced but not sure where to start?  It's a very simple process.

"Submitting a proposal for a program at the NFPA conference is as simple as filling in the electronic on-line form, answering a few easy questions on the subject matter and clicking a submit button," says Ode.

Maybe you're still feeling hesitant and that's something Leavitt understands.

 "I was a bit apprehensive the first time I submitted a proposal but I found the submission process is so very simple and the conference staff so helpful.  The submissions are done online and you simply need to have a topic in mind and a brief description of your presentation along with some basic learning objectives.  The site is simple to follow and easily navigated.  Finally, if you happen to run into a problem or have questions about your submission or the process, the conference planners are available to answer questions, over-the-top friendly, and easy to work with. Don't let the fear of rejection stop you. 

The rewards I have received from delivering presentations have <span style="text-decoration: underline;">always</span> exceeded the effort it took to submit my idea and to prepare for the presentation."  

*The deadline for submitting a proposal is

.  All proposals must be submitted online - submit a proposal today *or

download this calendar reminderfor August 30th.

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