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2017 National ADA Symposium, Chicago, IL 

Blog Post created by Allan Fraser Employee on May 15, 2017


The 2017 National ADA Symposium opened its four day run on Sunday, May 14, 2017 in Chicago with a Welcome Reception where attendees got to meet old friends and to make new ones. It was a wonderful evening but it got down to serious business this morning.

With a record attendance of just under 1000, 30 education sessions were presented today. Here is an overview of the three that I attended.


Role of the ADA Coordinator

Presenter: Ed Neuberg, Denver Regional Transportation District


An effective ADA Coordinator is critical to successful ADA implementation. However, the role and responsibilities of the ADA Coordinator are often both ill-defined and misunderstood. This session will clearly outline the functions of the ADA Coordinator position, the departments and community members the ADA Coordinator should interact with, and how the ADA Coordinator position should fit within the overall structure of the Title II entity.


Great presentation!


Emergency Preparedness and Community Planning

Presenters:  Eli Fresquez, NYC Mayor's Office for People w/ Disabilities

  Elizabeth Angeles, New York City Emergency Management

As the scale, frequency and complexity of disasters grow so is the need for increased individual preparedness and engagement with the disability community. In this session we will provide the basic principles of emergency preparedness and disability, including legal foundations and functional planning principles in the areas of accessible evacuation, transportation, effective communication and sheltering.  Also in this session we will provide an overview of key concepts and approaches to engage disability organizations, government, community leaders, faith-based groups, and the general public as a part of a community planning approach. Community planning is a philosophical approach on how to think about conducting emergency management, which aims to develop a shared understanding of community needs, capabilities and increase individual and collective preparedness. The task of cultivating and maintaining relationships that include the community in emergency management can be challenging and we will be discussing helpful tips, checklists and toolkits available to everyone.

Interesting to hear about New York City's lessons learned.


The ADA, the Web, and You

Presenter:  Robert Carr, ABLE Tech

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that public entities and private places of public accommodation must not discriminate against people with disabilities when they offer programs, services, or activities. The ADA also requires covered entities to provide effective communication. Entities large and small use technology like the web and software to do all of those things. This session will examine accessibility in technology in the context of the ADA, helping participants to understand more about how covered entities should approach implementing a technology accessibility program. We will talk about some of the ways that entities large and small can approach accessible technology use and acquisition. We will not go through web accessibility standards one by one, but you will learn a few techniques that you can begin to use to lead by example.

Another wonderful presentation!



Attendee following handout in Braille format


Check back tomorrow for some of the days sessions.