Allan Fraser

2017 National ADA Symposium, Chicago, IL 

Blog Post created by Allan Fraser Employee on May 16, 2017

The 2017 National ADA Symposium opened its four day run on Sunday, May 14, 2017 in Chicago. With a record attendance of just under 1000, 30 education sessions were presented yesterday with another 30 presented today. Here is an overview of the three that I attended.


Accessible Multimedia & Captioning for the Web



The ADA. The Rehabilitation Act. The 21st Century Video Accessibility Act. These and more laws govern the distribution of more accessible video and multimedia content through the web. But there are still large holes on the web where videos exist without quality captions or audio description tracks. Join me to learn more about the policy environment around accessible multimedia on the web. With some policy knowledge as a basis, we will focus on some of the captioning how-to’s. There are many tools and techniques available that make captioning web-based video relatively inexpensive. We will talk about some of those and discuss some of the funding models that entities have used to help to make sure that web-based video is more accessible.

Presenter: Robert Carr, ABLE Tech


Another great presentation by Rob Carr!


Beyond Fair Housing: Accessible Housing in the IBC, ABA, and ADA


This session explores accessible housing requirements in the building codes and federal laws. The International Building Code (IBC) provides information on accessibility in all situations where people may reside- institutional and residential facilities; permanent and transient; and multi-family and single-family detached. Coordination in IBC with multiple federal requirements addresses many levels of needs and, in some cases, exceeds federal requirements. Both scoping and technical provisions will be covered. The idea of ‘visitability’ for townhouses and single-family homes and their new provisions in ICC A117.1-2009 will be addressed. Some editions of the IBC and the ANSI A117.7 Standard are certified by HUD as a ‘safe harbor’ document for compliance with the Fair Housing Act. Discussions will include IBC coordination with FHA and the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design requirements.


Kim Paarlberg, International Code Council

Marsha Mazz, U.S. Access Board


The “Networking Lunch” was well attended and it was almost deafening with all the enthusiastic discussions going on between attendees. Another wonderful event to participate in.



Access to Stadiums



With increasing pressure to provide guests with the best overall experiences when attending sporting events, concerts, or the theater; stadiums, arenas, and theaters increasingly resemble small cities offering a wide array of goods, service, and amenities. While these areas of assembly are diverse and meet a variety needs, they also share common accessibility requirements. Do you know how many accessible seating locations your venue should have? The dimensions that are required when two wheelchair spaces are next to each other? How to determine necessary seating dispersion or the proper lines of sight in an area of assembly? Does your venue have appropriate policies for the sale of tickets to accessible seating locations? Are your staff prepared to address guest concerns about service animals or Segways? Has your venue appropriately considered accessibility when adopting new technologies? What has the U.S. Department of Justice said about these venues? This session will help answer these questions and prepare you to better assist your venue in handling the most common accessibility issues confronted when it comes to design/construction, the provision of auxiliary aids and services, and policies/practices/procedures. Come learn how to create a great experience for guests with disabilities that includes ensuring a compliant facility, policies and staff training.


Nanette Odell, Phoenix Suns/Arizona Diamondbacks

Joshua Stein, Epstein, Becker & Green


Two very skilled presenters and lots of great information about a very complicated subject area.