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Robert Landthorn
I have  been  told  this section now requires   TWO   arc flash  labels.  One for operating a handle like a disconnect  and another for  actually opening a live  panel ?     Is this true and do we have to do  TWO  arc flash Studies ??
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John Connell
I work at a major East coast university and I want to research what the industry is using for infra red scanning and thermography.  The intended use of the equipment will be scanning electrical panels and conductors for hot spots and sources of concern.  In addition, we may use it for motors and equipment and exterior wall penetrations. What is… (Show more)
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VJ Yap
The consultant rejected our sprinkler pipe of ASTM A106 Gr.B as only ASTM A53 Gr.B is listed in the code. Is there anyway we can convince the consultant?
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Josy Joseph
Does NFPA allows omission of seismic protection requirements of Fire protection systems for Basements of Buildings?
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Jimmy Wall
The NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 2017 edition Article 110.16 (A) General states placing a "warning" label (to me this means a generic label with no calculations) on equipment that likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized.    and 110.16(B) state Service equipment 1200amps or more require; Voltage,… (Show more)
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Michael Gaynor
I know it not required every year the inspector thinks it should be done 5 or 10 years
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Enrique Zuniga
Hi there: I have a problem to calculate the Av3 area of dust collector vents due to the effects of inertia using NFPA 68 standard. In equation 8.2.8 of NFPA 68 2007 ed., variables V and Pred multiply to The mass of the vent panel (M ^ 0.6). In contrast, in equation 8.2.7 of NFPA 68 2013 ed.,variables V and Pred divide the mass of the vent panel… (Show more)
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