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Steve Desrosier
I am looking for some regulation that says that the Building Emergency Maps needs to have a Legend, North Sign, Description of Markings,  Delete unnecessary objects on the map that is not related to the Emergency Evacuation routes.
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Corry Gruwell
I have a 32X36 Shop with two overhead garage doors and two man doors. I want to use the space in front of one of the man doors, do I have enough room to have only one posted emergency exit. Normally there is four employees or less working in the shop. The chance of having a fire is very low.
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Michael Lonigro
Is there an accepted or listed method of protecting non-rated glass (tempered) in a rated partition? We have lots of situations where architects want to use glass walls to separate tenant space in multi-tenant offices. These partitions could be either 1 hour or 2 hour rated. We're asked to install a water curtain along the glass wall, but I don't… (Show more)
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Michael Holland
Residential PV disconnect requirements   I have a 4 wire 120/240 do I need a 2 pole or a 3 pole disconnect switch one person told me that I needed a 3 pole and run the neutral through the disconnect switch.Is that NEC code?
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purushothama sureshkumar
Based on NFPA 24 maximum leakage per 100 joints is 2 quatz per hour or 0.5 gallon per hour. The standard requires the water and the pressure to be replenished within ten minutes or 1 gpm whichever is larger        
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Nicholas Dawe
Does anyone know if NFPA has any requirements for the operation of a Hot Air Balloon? I'm looking for set back distances, re-fueling protocols, that kind of thing...?    Thanks in advance!
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Roland Ford
I understand the move from FR to Arc Rated but the addition of an Arc Rated Face Shield is confusing.
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Steve Evans
Was told by DuPage County in Illinois they require all low voltage wiring to be in pipe or raceway per Nec code for 2014 and 2017. As far as I know it does not. Especially speaker wire, cat6, cat5 and RG6(coax) which is class 2 and class 3. Is this fact or fiction. Any help would be appreciated.
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