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Dee Canik
Good evening everyone,   Being a new real estate sales agent and a mom living in a house I started to wonder how safe we are, with battery powered fire detectors at home.  There might be situations when it might be too late to call 911. Can you please suggest me which type of detector I should get and suggest my clients, that after a reasonable… (Show more)
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Chris Handley
Dormitories are being refurbished, painted etc. to include new curtains/draperies installed. The window dressings are hanging over permanent floor heaters. What NFPA Code relates to this.
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Brad Archer
I have a poser. I have a hospital with an outpatient clinic. The clinic empties out to the lobby through a set of double doors. We have recently relocated our registration desks to the other side of the lobby and we would like to take the registration windows out and replace them with display cases to show off cultural artifacts and local art.… (Show more)
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Derek Carter
My facility has in house Sprinkler, Extinguisher, Fire Door, Fire Pump, Fire Alarm, ETC.. testing that at the moment we print off our reports on MIcrosoft Word document and bring with us then come back to the office to manually enter the changes. Is there a program out there being used by a contractor or in house inspector like myself that we can… (Show more)
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Lawrence Lukenda
Concerning NFPA 13,     Have wood truss floor & ceiling assembly 16" in a R2 building.  The building WILL be sprinklered.  Does the concealed space within the trusses need to be sprinklered?   Would it be able to filled with noncombustible insulation with a 2" air gap at the top of the space?    Thank you, Lawrence L. Lukenda, Fire… (Show more)
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Baneshwar Pai
In one of my project, I have come across the requirement to shut off the stair pressurisation fan when the stair smoke detector detects the smoke. Suppose there is case of 25 story tower, where the smoke has entered the stair from 22nd floor fire due and the stair door was slightly open. Now the stair if not shut off then the fan will try to… (Show more)
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Harold Ringline
To further discuss this topic the mentioned firm is taking the liberty to submit a mechanical drawing schematic to describe height deflector code restrictions needed.  
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Nicholas Rosania
I have an existing warehouse with a wet system ESFR k16.8 sprinklers. The high point of the building is 40'71/2" Racks are going in aprox 40% of the building. NFPA table calls for in-rack sprinklers to be installed. Can I change the sprinklers over the racks where the ceiling is over 40' to k22.4 or k25.2 sprinklers so as not be… (Show more)
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