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Chicago - NFPA 2015!!!

Posted by christiandubay Employee Jun 20, 2015

Touchdown in Chicago in less than 7 hours. First on the list new Technical Committee Chair training.  Excited to work with many of our new Chairs all day on Sunday. See you there.



The fun has begun here in Chicago.  Set up of the NFPA booth is underway.  We are getting it ready for the grand opening of the NFPA Expo on Monday, June 22 at 4:00 PM. Come visit us at booth #471!


Meet the NFPA experts, browse some of the NFPA codes and standards, and find answers to code questions.  Also, you can take the NEC Challenge and prove your NEC knowledge.  Maybe you will be the next NEC Champion!


booth day 1 (a).jpgBooth day 1 (b).jpgBooth day 1 (c).jpg

IFPS.gifAre you a member of the NFPA Industrial Fire Protection Section (IFPS)?  Are you interested in industrial fire protection?  If so, then join us at the IFPS Business Meeting, Tuesday, June 23, from 12:30 - 2:00 pm in Room N227b.  Hear from the Board and other members about the various activities in support of industrial fire protection.  The agenda includes the following items:


  1. Recognition for members of the Illiana Chapter
  2. Award ceremony for the IFPS Fire Prevention Week winners
  3. Review of items from June 21 Board meeting
  4. Election of Board Officers and Directors
  5. Challenges in Storage, Fire Control and Suppression - Matt Klaus, NFPA
  6. Update on Hazardous Chemicals/Materials Storage, Handling and Use topics - Guy Colonna, NFPA


So, if you are a member, or if you are looking to collaborate with fire safety professionals whose focus is on industrial occupancies and processes, consider joining us for the meeting.  Lunch is provided, and the meeting provides a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals while you hear about the work the Section accomplishes each year in support of NFPA's mission and vision.  I will be there - will you?


For more information about the Section, you also can check out the Section Booth, 380, at the Expo and speak with Board members to learn how to join the over 3700 IFPS members.

There are 9 NITMAMs for NFPA 72-2016 that will be presented on Wednesday/Thursday at the NFPA C & E Technical Meeting.


See the report of the Motions Committee:


NFPA 72-1           Table

NFPA 72-2  and A.

NFPA 72-3           21.3.5

NFPA 72-4           23.6.1 and A.23.6.1

NFPA 72-5           23.6.1

NFPA 72-6 

NFPA 72-7 

NFPA 72-8 

NFPA 72-9 

Be sure to attend and participate in the NFPA 72 discussion.