What is miscellaneous storage, anyway?

Blog Post created by agoldstein Employee on Jun 21, 2015

One of the Frequently Asked Questions of the NFPA 13 advisory service staff is regarding miscellaneous storage. If you look at the definition, you will see there are several limitations on what can be considered 'miscellaneous storage': maximum storage heights and pile sizes, minimum separation distances between piles, and total area limitations within a single system. At first glance the use of Chapter 13, Miscellaneous Storage, appears to be limited to only those scenarios meeting this definition.


It's not. There are actually several other storage arrangements that can be protected with the criteria in the Miscellaneous Storage chapter. Chapters 14 and 16 (addressing sprinkler protection criteria for Class I-IV Commodities) both state the protection criteria of Chapter 13 should be applied to storage up to 12 feet when Control Mode Density/Area sprinklers are used. Similarly Chapters 15 and 17 (addressing storage of Group A Plastic Commodities) direct the user to Chapter 13 for storage of plastics up to 5 feet in height. Even if these storage configurations do not meet the definition of miscellaneous storage, the protection criteria of Chapter 13 can still be applied.