My 2015 C&E Challenge

Blog Post created by upson on Jun 21, 2015

We all attend the The specified item was not found. for various and diverse reasons.  Some are here to share their knowledge and experience as presenters; some are here to share their latest fire protection products as exhibitors; and some are here to see what the presenters and exhibitors have to share. Virtually all of us are here to find something useful to take home with us to help us complete our own personal or professional fire protection missions better.


My challenge this week is to identify and share at least one useful "nugget" gleaned for the conference each day.  These nuggets could come from formal sessions, conversations on the Expo floor, or from casual networking over a cup of coffee.  What nuggets will you collect at the 2015 C&E and how will you use them to improve fire protection in your own situation?  Whatever nuggets you find, blog them here on the Xchange, tweet them, share them on Facebook, or just shout them from the rooftop.  Share your wealth of fire protection gold -- you never know when one of those nuggets will save a life.