Blog Post created by rsolomon Employee on Jun 23, 2015


DESTINATION INFORMATION.  At last week’s ASTM International meetings in Anaheim, our hotel was equipped with a destination elevator. If you are not familiar with this concept, the elevator system has a keypad at each landing and you enter the floor-your destination- that you wish to travel to.  Even after 3 days, I invariably entered the elevator car and turned slightly to hit the button for my floor and of course there is no button. 


On Monday, we heard Jim Pauley announce some new ideas for NFPA.  Just like the destination elevator car has to deliver the passengers to their floor safely and efficiently, NFPA will continue to deliver information and knowledge about safety to our stakeholders efficiently using new tools like NFPA Xchange.  This is our platform to see what is of interest, share ideas and to have some directed conversations about those topics.  Our traditional “button” might not be there but we now have some new ways to get to our destination.  Between the exhibits, presentations and networking opportunities this week coupled with NFPA Xchange and the myriad resources offered by NFPA, be sure to take advantage of those opportunities not only while in Chicago, but especially when you get home.