The Gold Roadrunner's Club

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The NEC® would not have been successful for 120 years if it were not for some great industry leaders who recognize that safe installations are only possible if the inspectors and installers are kept up-to-date with changes in the code. These communities often come together at meetings of IAEI. IAEI brings together inspectors, contractors, testing/certification organizations, NFPA and others to discuss code issues.


Since 1970, there has been a group of electrical experts who have traveled the country speaking at meetings about the NEC.. The meetings were primarily electrical inspectors meetings (IAEI). These NEC experts often traveled together, were dubbed “Roadrunners or circuit riders” and were entertainers and experts on the National Electrical Code. On October 20, 1970 at the IAEI Southern Section Meeting of the IAEI, MS "Dude" Parmley*, President of the Southern Section, with the support of IAEI Texas Gulf Coast Chapter, decided to honor the expert panel members with a Gold Road Runner Pin to honor these ten distinguished gentlemen. The original group of ten NEC experts who were presented with the gold Roadrunner pins were; Richard “Double L” Lloyd (UL)*, Kent Stiner (ITE
Imperial)*, Dan Boone (FPE)*, Ed Brand (EEI)*, Money Brandon (UL)*, Lou LeFehr (IAEI)*, Len Sessler (Bell laboratory)*, Frank Stetka (NFPA)*, Hank Watson
(Burndy)*, and John Watt (NFPA)*.   Later that same year at the Southwestern Section of IAEI in Fresno, CA Gold Roadrunner pins were awarded to Clem Baxter (Sylvania)*, Alan Reed (Daniel Woodhead)*, Ben Segall*, Dick Shaul (NEMA)*, Bill Summers (NFPA / IAEI) Colorado Springs CO, Jack Wells (Pass & Seymour) Pinehurst NC and Baron Whitaker (UL)*.


After the initial awards were made, it was decided by the new group of Roadrunner members that a formal fraternity would be formed with MS. "Dude" Parmley, as “master of ceremonies” and R.L. “Dick” “Double L” Lloyd as Chair and secretary.  Shortly after a small group of the Roadrunners was formed to set up guidelines and qualifications for membership as Gold Roadrunners. In 1992 M.S. “Dude” Parmley requested that the Roadrunners take responsibility for managing the Roadrunner organization from the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter. Dude stated he felt it was the right time to turn it over to the Roadrunner members. He and Richard L. “Double L” Lloyd then asked Richard E. “Single L” Loyd and his wife Nancy to have a new Roadrunner pin mold made and to oversee the Roadrunner organization. New Roadrunner members are nominated only by existing active members. The proposed new members are then voted on by
the existing active Roadrunners. A prospective new Roadrunner must receive the positive votes of all active Roadrunners to become a member.  Inductions of new Roadrunners are occur at the first IAEI Section meeting where the new member will be in attendance.  Over the years, the following Roadrunner members were inducted:


1977   Gene Carlton*

1980   Earl Roberts (GE)

1988   Artie O. Barker*

1991   Richard E. Loyd

1991   Charles Forsberg (Carlon)

1992   Harvey Johnson (FPE)*

1992   D. J. Clements (NEMA)*

1992   George Flach*

1995   Jim Pauley (Schneider Electric)

1995   J. Philip Simmons (IAEI)

2000   Philip H. Cox (NEMA)

2007   Mark Earley (NFPA)

2007   John Minick (NEMA)*

2008   Alan Manche (Schneider Electric)

2008   James Carpenter (IAEI)

2011   Charles F. “Chuck” Mello (UL)

2011   Mark C. Ode (NFPA / UL)

2014   Keith Lofland (IAEI)

2014   Vince Saporita (Eaton’s Bussman Business)


New Members

At the International Association Electrical Inspectors Southwestern Section’s 2015 annual meeting, it was my pleasure to introduce Mark Ode, Roadrunner recipient and member, to honor and present the prestigious Gold Roadrunner Pin Award to Michael J. Johnston with the assistance of other past recipients in attendance Chuck Mello, J Philip Simmons and Vince Saporita. Mike is NECA's Executive Director of Standards and Safety. He holds a BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. He is the Chairman of the NEC Correlating Committee and an Alternate on Code Making Panel 1. He served on NEC Code Making Panel 5 in 2002 and 2005, and was Chair of Code Making Panel 5 representing NECA for the 2011 NEC cycle. Among his responsibilities for managing the codes, standards, and safety functions for NECA, Mike is secretary of the NECA Codes and Standards Committee. He is a
member of the IBEW and is an active member of ANSI, IAEI, NFPA, SES, ASSE, ANSI-EVSP, ANSI-ESSCC, the UL Electrical Council, and the National Safety
Council, and is Vice Chair of the NFPA Electrical Section. Prior to joining NECA, Mike served as the director of training at IAEI. Prior to IAEI, He worked
as an electrical inspector for the City of Phoenix. At the IAEI Southern Section’s 2015 annual meeting, Mark Earley, Roadrunner recipient and member,  was asked to honor and present the prestigious Gold Roadrunner Pin Award to Jeff Sargent with the assistance of other past recipients in attendance Jim Carpenter, Mark Ode,
Keith Lofland, and Vince Saporita. Jeff is NFPA’s Regional Electrical Code Specialist, serving the geographic areas as the Eastern and Southern Sections
of IAEI. He previously served as a senior electrical specialist at NFPA, as staff liaison to several NFPA technical committees, including Electrical Safety
in the Workplace (NFPA 70E), Electrical Equipment Maintenance (NFPA 70B), and Emergency Power Supplies (NFPA 110 AND 111). He was managing editor for the 2011 NEC Handbook and was an editor for the 2002, 2005, and 2008 editions. He was formerly executive secretary for the NFPA Electrical Section. He is the
coauthor of the Electrical Inspection Manual with Checklists and NEC Q and A. Prior to joining NFPA in 1997, he served as an electrical inspector in New Hampshire state and municipal inspection agencies. He also served as an instructor in the electrical program at the New Hampshire Technical College. Mr. Sargent is a licensed master electrician and a member of IAEI.


Both Mike and Jeff have both presented educational programs on the code and have participated in the development of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Both are active members of IAEI and both have presented at numerous IAEI meetings across the USA.


Richard E. Loyd, Master of Ceremonies and Secretary

Mark C. Ode, Member

Mark W. Earley, Member