NEC Quarter Century Club

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At this year's NFPA Conference and Expo, we


At this year's NFPA Conference and Expo we will be welcoming 7 new members to the NEC Quarter Century Club. I want to thank them for devoting so much of their careers to the NEC. I also want to recognize all of the Quarter Century Club members for their dedication to the NEC. This is the list of all inductees and the year that they were inducted. Please excuse the formatting problems.



National Electrical Code® Committee

Quarter Century Club Members


1998 Annual Meeting

2004 Annual Meeting

2013 Annual Meeting

Richard G. Biermann*

William R. Drake

Barry S. Bauman

Mel F. Borleis*

Thomas L. Harman

A. Wayne Brinkmeyer

Dale R. Deming

Joseph H. Kuczka

Douglas S. Erickson

        S.E. (Sandy) Egesdal

Robert L. Simpson

Stanley Kaufman

George W. Flach*

James A. Weldon

Daleep C. Mohla

Richard P. Fogarty

Donald W. Zipse

George  J. Ockuly

George T. Howard

Jean A. O’Connor (Honorary)

Mark  C. Ode

Thomas A. Jacoby

Kenneth E. Vannice

Kenneth E. Jannot

2007 Annual Meeting

Randall K. Wright

Allen F. Knickrehm*

Alonzo Ballard*


Edward C. Lawry

Andre Cartel

2016 Annual Meeting

Irving Mande*

Phil Cox

Timothy M. Croushore

Albert J. Reed

Mark Earley

Richard E. Loyd

Roger L. Sandstedt

Hugh Nash

Vincent J. Saporita

Charles B. Schram

Elliot Rappaport

Arthur E. Schlueter

Peter J. Schram

Phillip Simmons

Michael D. Skinner

John W. Troglia


Donald J. Talka

        D. Harold Ware

2010 Annual Meeting

Frederic P. Hartwell

Jack Wells

         James W. Carpenter


Bernard W. Whittington

         Robert Deaton



         William T. Fiske


2001 Annual Meeting

         Bruce A. Hopkins


Stanley D. Kahn*

         Kent Perkins


         L. Bruce McClung

         George A. Straniero


Saul Rosenbaum

         Raymond W. Weber


Ronald J. Toomer

         David B. Wechsler


John T. Weizeorick



Thomas H. Wood



Robert Yurkanin