Wherever you live, being Firewise can pay big dividends

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Apr 6, 2016

Across the United States, wildfire season has already begun in places we don’t normally think about.  In Kansas, the smoke from the 620-acre prairie blaze that started in Oklahoma could be seen from St. Louis, Missouri.


In Ohio, brush fires spread along a state turnpike in Lorraine County that was fueled by strong wind gusts of 28 to 35 miles per hour.

In Tennessee, 9 brush fires have been contained by the Tennessee Forestry Service with three more burning.  The warm temperatures have contributed to the fire season in the region.  According to an article by the WBIR news channel, Tips to protect your home in wildfire season, “The fire threatened four cabins, after wind blew a campfire out of control. Pigeon Forge Fire Chief Tony Watson said if not for good maintenance of the rental properties, the buildings could have been lost.”  On the video, Watson talked about the importance of following Firewise principles as you maintain your home this spring season.


“It’s also important to keep flammable material out from underneath stilted buildings, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ben Franklin, one of the first volunteer firemen in Firewisenfpalogo500our country said that,” said Chief Watson. “That’s where we’re at, that’s what is important -- getting that word out.”

NFPA’s Firewise® program has some great tools to help you prepare, including no cost catalogue materials, online learning opportunities and the Firewise Toolkit.  Wherever you live you can be Firewise!


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