Preventing Home Fires: 2 Super Simple Things You Can Do Today

Blog Post created by gabby on Oct 7, 2016

Ever since 1927, Fire Prevention Week has focused on a different theme. This year, it’s all about the smoke alarm, so this small but vital appliance leads off our list of simple things you can do to prevent home fires.


1. Do More Than Test the Smoke Alarm

Three out of every five house fire fatalities occur in homes that don’t have a working smoke alarm. It’s not enough to change batteries and test the trigger mechanism.

Take the unit down from the ceiling or wall, and check the production date located on its frame. If it’s 10 years old, you need a new alarm.

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2. Don’t Leave the Kitchen While You’re Cooking

Your stove and oven don’t look dangerous, but cooking equipment is statistically the leading cause of home fires.

If you leave the kitchen while cooking, turn off burners, and turn on a timer to remind you that the stove’s still on. Keep dish towels, pot holders and plastic utensils away from open flames.

Power Tip: Toaster ovens can generate intense electrical heat in just a few minutes. Always keep a close eye on these countertop appliances when in use.