10 Basic Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips You Should Know

Blog Post created by gabby on Nov 14, 2016

The warm kitchen fills with delicious aromas. Your plans include family favorites and a few new dishes. The most mouthwatering day on the calendar is well-seasoned with anticipation for even more holiday celebrations.

You’ve done it all for so many years, and everything always turns out just fine. Why think twice about Thanksgiving cooking safety tips?

The answer to that question is easy. Taking precautions can prevent disasters. You don’t want to spend the holidays cleaning up after a grease fire, tackling smoke damage or facing the devastation of a house fire.

Holiday Kitchens, Disturbing Numbers

Like most home chefs, you’re extra busy on Thanksgiving day putting in extra hours and putting the final touches on favorite dishes. All that activity in the kitchen results in holiday meals to be remembered.
It’s also the source of disturbing statistics.

According to figures from the National Fire Prevention Association, kitchen fires peak during the holidays. Three times more fires occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.

10 Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips

family cooking during thanksgiving

By practicing basic fire prevention strategies and following these 10 life-saving Thanksgiving cooking safety tips, you can help keep your kitchen from becoming a holiday statistic.

1. Don’t Desert the Turkey

Too many cooks can be great in a Thanksgiving kitchen. They make sure that food is never left unattended over open flames. If you’re manning things by yourself, call in backup when you need to leave the room.


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