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  In this study, we would analyze the case of fire incident that occurred at new residential construction site in Yeong-do gu, Busan, 13 April, 2016, based on results of the analysis, establish the hypothesis concerning with test of fire reappearance for determining the cause of fire, and suggest the results of the test for providing the information as to safe working procedures.

  Generally, there are the oil-based and the water-based in the primers that are used in construction site. According to property of working, there are differences of use between the oil-based and the water-based. Primer is the varnish for rendering coat on wood or metal and the like and improves adherence and smoothness between sheets and surface of coating.

  In the process of work, it is included putting primer on the surface of coating, eliminating the splinter with cigarette lighter or torch, and attach the sheets on the surface. But it is the precaution in which it includes maintaining enough time to prevent fire from putting oil based primer on the surface of coating to eliminating the splinter with cigarette lighter or torch.

  As the results of test, it was not ignited on the water-based primer with the igniter regardless of the time between putting it to eliminating the splinter with cigarette lighter or torch.

  If it is used in which oil-based primer and thinner are combined according to frequently used method of working, it was ignited on it at the time, such as instant and 10', but not ignited at 20' with cigarette lighter.

  If only oil-based primer is painted on the surface of wood, it was ignited on it at the time, such as instant and 3', and partially ignited at 6', but not ignited at 9' with cigarette lighter.

  If oil-based primer is putted on it in 70~80% RH, it was ignited on it at 10', and partially ignited at 15', but not ignited at 20' with cigarette lighter longer than the case of oil-based primer in 40~50% RH.








Heading to NFPA's Conference & Expo in June in search of the latest information about the 2017 National Electric Code (NEC)? Then you will want to stop by the NEC Experience. The Experience is housed in the Expo Hall near the NFPA booth and will provide a great many resources centered on the 2017 NEC.


NEC Experience.JPGHave a question? NFPA  technical staff will be on hand with answers and will walk you through the critical changes in the 2017 edition. Think you know the NEC? Join us for NEC Trivia Night from 4 - 8 PM on Monday, June 13 where you can select and answer questions to win prizes. On Tuesday, June 14th, the ultimate of all challenges, the NEC Challenge, will take place at 11:30 AM. Come by and watch the three finalists test their NEC IQ live on the Expo floor to see who walks away with the title of NEC Challenge Champion!


The NEC Experience promises to be an informative place for all of your 2017 NEC needs. In addition to the events, see demos, learn about the newest products and so much more. Please visit us at the NEC Experience at the NFPA Conference & Expo. We hope to see you there!

NFPA attends the Hungary Fire Investigation Conference. Countries from all over the world come together to discuss fire investigation.

Back by popular demand, the NEC Challenge Championship has returned and we're a little less than a month away from the ultimate event where three finalists will put their code skills to the test and duke it out for our $5,000 grand prize!


This year, the NEC NEC Challenge.JPGChallenge was bigger and better than before with more prizes and more ways to play along at home. Electrical professionals everywhere put their code knowledge to the test at tradeshows and online at


And since every challenge can only have one champion, we invited the best of the best from this year's challenges to once again compete in the NEC Challenge Championship on Tuesday, June 14 at 11:30 AM at NFPA's Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. This year's finalists are:


* David Harsche, Hillsborough, Florida

* Christina Porter, King, Washington

* Jeremy Weed, Sherburne, Minnesota


Join us for this exciting challenge and watch our three finalists go head-to-head for the $5,000 grand prize, and the chance to call him/herself the NEC Challenge Champion! Find us at the 2017 NEC Experience in the Expo Hall. We hope to see you there!

All are welcome at the Second Draft meeting for NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. The committee will be addressing public comments and revising the standard for the 2018 edition on July 18-21, 2016 at the Doubletree Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City, Utah. Meetings are tentatively scheduled from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Go to the NFPA 70E document information page for further information on the Second Draft meeting and to sign up for alerts to be notified when meeting notices, agenda, reports, etc. are posted.


NFPA Electrical Section Reception and Dinner

ES logo.png



Please join us for the NFPA Electrical Section Reception and Dinner (in conjunction with the NFPA Conference & Expo)


Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Place: Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Reception:6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Cat House, Luxor Hotel)

Dinner: 7:00 – 9:00pm (LAX Nightclub, Luxor Hotel)


Buffet Dinner & Entertainment: Cost $85 inclusive/per person

No registration required for the Reception