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In response to the Ebola outbreak, an extensive Tentative Interim Amendment was issued in April 2015 to revise the requirements in NFPA 1999, Standard on Protective Clothing and Ensembles for Emergency Medical Operations related to the personal protective equipment (PPE) of first responders and medical first receivers against highly infectious liquid-borne pathogens. NFPA 1999 now provides performance requirements for PPE ensembles that offer full body protection, and a liquid integrity test to demonstrate an established protective level of performance. For more on NFPA 1999, visit

The Technical Committee on Electronic Safety Equipment is preparing a draft product standard for hand-held radio devices for use by emergency services personnel in the hazard zone. The standard will feature design, manufacture, performance, testing and certification requirements for these devices. For more information on this standard, please visit

The Technical Committees on Electronic Safety Equipment and Respiratory Protection Equipment will be meeting in Sacramento, CA the week of July 20. These TCs commonly meet at the same location due to the relationship of their respective product standards. For example, personal alert safety systems (NFPA 1982, PASS) and its integration with the self-contained breathing apparatus (NFPA 1981, SCBA). At the July meeting, the Electronic Safety TC will be reviewing Public Input to the Thermal Imager standard (NFPA 1801) and continue its work on the radio standard (NFPA 1802). The Respiratory Protection Equipment TC is preparing for the next edition of the SCBA standard, NFPA 1981. For more info - and