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Significant changes were made to the requirements for ammonium nitrate storage, handling and use in NFPA 400 after the West, Texas explosion.  NFPA 400-2016  was published this past week and can be viewed at  The new standard is already being referenced by key government agencies such as EPA, OSHA and ATF.   Come hear committee experts explain the changes to code and the background for these changes this morning at 11 AM-12:30 PM in room S404bc.  See you there!

There were a number of changes made to NFPA 600-2015 during this last revision cycle that may be of interest if you are involved with fire brigades.   In addition, several task groups have been formed to look at other issues that have been brought up by committee members and the public such as-"What about fire brigades that also have other duties such as confined space rescue or emergency medical treatment?"  or "Should larger facilities with fire brigades that look more like a full fire department follow additional standards?".   To hear the status of the task group work and to find out what changes were made to NFPA 600 during this last revision cycle, come to the session this morning 8-9 AM in Room S503ab.   Hope to see you there!