• Allan Fraser"s "IN"!!!!!!!

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  • It really is that easy!!!!!

    Several NFPA staff members have been showing attendees just how easy it is for anyone to submit a language to change any of our codes and standards. If you haven't tried it yet, look for them just outside the registra...
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  • Learn about NFPA 4!

    Paul Dunphy and I created a program to review the roles and responsibilities of the members on the integrated testing team in accordance with NFPA 4, Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Test...
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  • Grab your coffee and come find out what is going on with Fire Brigades!

    There were a number of changes made to NFPA 600-2015 during this last revision cycle that may be of interest if you are involved with fire brigades.   In addition, several task groups have been formed to loo...
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  • Motor fuel dispensing vs. fleet motor fuel dispensing

    NFPA 30A defines “motor fuel dispensing facility” and “fleet motor fuel dispensing facility”, but the differences between the two are not always clear.  What exactly is covered by the latt...
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  • NEC Challenge Promotion with the "Code Crusher"

    Think you have what it takes to be the next champ? Here's some words of wisdom from the original, the best, the most electrifying NEC Challenge Champ ever!  Make sure and stop by booth 471 at the Expo during the ...
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  • See you at C&E NFPA 600 presentation

    See you at 8:00am CT room 503ab for the discussion and presentation on NFPA 600: What are Facility Fire Brigades, and What Does the Standard Allow Them to Do? 
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  • Your Voice Matters!!!

    Are you a fire fighter and know of NFPA, but can’t figure out how to connect it to your day-to-day job? Check out the Your Voice Matters website (http://www.nfpa.org/research/for-the-fire-service/nfpa-standards-...
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