• Automatic opening of hood and detection of fire in the enginroom

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      On the site of vehilce fire, a lot of damage have occurred by fuel of vehicle, long time for opening of hood, and late cognition of fire. If person in the vehicle perceive the signs of fire in the eng...
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  • How to Conduct a CRA

    Chapter 5 of NFPA 1730 outlines the requirements for the conduct of a community risk assessment (CRA). The CRA is the tool that is used to determine the priorities and strategies of a the fire prevention organization....
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  • How do you close your account?

    I was tricked into joining Xchange and want to close my account. Thank you.
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  • DARAC Meeting Kicks-Off 2016 NFPA Conference & Expo

             NFPA’s Disability Access Review and Advisory Committee’s first day of meetings opened the 2016 Conference & Expo. It was a very productive first day w...
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  • Don’t Miss the Disability Access Review and Advisory Committee’s (DARAC) Booth #1464 at the 2016 NFPA Conference & Expo

         “Fire and life safety may be more important to people with disabilities than others because of the barriers to accessing information about emergencies and then  navigating the physical b...
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  • Interested In Building Fire & Life Safety Directors TC but Can't Fit The Panel Session Into Your Schedule?

    Stop by the new "ANNEX" area and get a quick overview of the amazing project.   Tuesday, 12:05 – 12:25 pm in the ANNEX area of the 2nd Floor Lobby Building and Life Safety Technical Committee Allan B. Fra...
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  • Agenda for NFPA's Disability Access Review and Advisory Committee (DARAC) June 11-12, 2016 at 2016 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas

    NFPA's DARAC Meeting is open to the public June 11-12, 2016 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.   Here is the agenda:               &#...
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  • NFPA’s Building Fire & Life Safety Directors TC wants your input at 2016 C & E in Las Vegas!

    The newly formed Technical Committee on Building Fire & Life Safety Directors is charged with the development of national standards relating to facility emergency action plans and criteria for building fire and li...
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  • NFPA Booth and Award

    Check out the NFPA Booth at the IAAI Fire Investigation Conference in Orlando.   NFPA was honored to receive the Outstanding Accomplishment Award for the contribution of its Standards to the fire investigatio...
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  • NFPA® Fire Investigation Conference Sweepstakes

    Are you attending the Fire Investigation Conference in Orlando, April 25th - April 29th? If so, stop by the NFPA Booth between 8:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Time (ET) on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 and 8:00am – 2:...
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  • Are you ready for the June 1st 2016 deadline for GHS chemical labeling requirements?

    On June 1st 2016 chemical users will need to have the Globally Harmonized System of labeling chemicals in place.  As a vendor of these chemical labels I see many companies still purchasing the old chemical labels...
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  • Plan Ahead for the 31st CSUN Conference, March 21-26, 2016

      NFPA will have a booth and be presenting an education session on preparing people with disabilities for emergency evacuations at the 2016 CSUN International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference w...
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  • Come Join the Conversation on Independent Living on November 4

    Aging in place, durable medical equipment, senior housing, home health care and paramedicine-what do these have in common?  They will be among the topics of discussion at the upcoming Summit on Safe, Independent ...
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  • Thank You For Attending The Mobile Food Truck Presentation!

    Thank you to everyone who attended the presentation on mobile food truck regulation (or lack thereof) this morning! I am very happy with the turnout and the great questions all of you asked. I look forward to the day ...
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  • Do you love food trucks? Learn how to keep them safe!

    R.T. Leicht, Ron Farr and myself developed a program to explain the fire hazards associated with mobile food trucks and what actions are being taken to address them. This is an issue that has gained a lot of attention...
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  • Pizza Party!! 12:30!!

    Fire Service Section Membership meeting will be a pizza party in N230b at 12:30pm. All members welcome!
    Chris Farrell
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  • Come hear about Ammonium Nitrate Code Changes this morning!

    Significant changes were made to the requirements for ammonium nitrate storage, handling and use in NFPA 400 after the West, Texas explosion.  NFPA 400-2016  was published this past week and can be viewed at...
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  • Hey folks,  I'm doing a session first thing this morning about the fact that we miss over 50% of our community when planning for emergency evacuations. Don't believe me? Have questions? Come see for yourself.

    Tue, Jun 23, 2015 - 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM T09 Evacuation Planning for ALL--Not Just Some Speaker: Allan Fraser, NFPA Track: Emergency Preparedness/Business Continuity Location: S503ab Content Type: Best Practices &...
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  • Calling all Canadians - "Cafeh"

    To all Canadians it is almost time to eat. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to network with your Canadian peers at the Canadian Luncheon “Cafeh”. Hope to see everyone there at 11:30 am in room N...
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  • Evacuations in your community may help less than 50% of the population! Learn more Tuesday 6/23/2015

    I'm doing a a session first thing tomorrow morning about why you need to be more proactive in planning for you, your family and your friends   Tue, Jun 23, 2015 - 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM T09 Evacuation Planning for A...
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