• NFPA 99-2015 Edition

    NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code 2015 Edition, Chapter 7 Information Technology and Communications Systems, Category 1 Systems, paragraph, requires the telecommunications room to be located a minimum...
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  • Seismic Joints

    NFPA #13 paragraph A9.3.2.3(4) gives a clear definition of an expansion joint . I can't find a definition for a seismic joint. There are different requirements for each of these items. Can anyone help ?   Thanks
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  • NFPA 111 Battery testing

    It seems to me that in NFPA 111 that the minimum requirements for testing is monthly and then a choice of either taking periodic ohmic readings on all batteries and other operating parameters (NFPA 111, or an...
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  • Brush Fire Prevention Question

    Hello everyone,   We are trying to determine the best method to protect one of our transmitter sites.  It is located in a marshland that becomes very dry in the summer.  Does NFPA have any recommendatio...
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  • Sprinkler Spacing & Location on Flat & Sloped Ceilings in regards to Cold Soldering Effect

    Please find for discussion mentioned drawing and picture. The mentioned picture shows an upright head on the flat ceiling with a pendent on the slope ceiling. The writer feels that the six foot cold soldering effect w...
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  • Fire Rated Cable with reference to attached drawing

    With reference to attached drawing for Kitchen & Dining Area (30mts x 12 mts), I would like to know what type of cable is required to comply with the NEC & NFPA 72. How about Fire-Rated Cable in this type...
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  • what about churn pressure and how it calculated

    chur pressure 
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  • 110.16(a) Exception needed?

    NFPA 70 2017:  110.16 (A) Electrical equipment, such as… industrial control panels, …shall be field or factory marked to warn qualified persons of potential electric arc flash hazards, but why is it...
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  • NFPA Conference and Expo

    Is there going to be anything for those on the NFPA Forum Team that week?  I know the meeting in Quincy is in the fall but I was wondering if we should try and come out there.  If so, is there a discounted r...
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  • Applied Research Director Opportunity at NFPA

    NFPA has an exciting opportunity for an experienced research professional to join our team. The Applied Research Director will support NFPA’s strategy as a fire safety information and knowledge provider by ...
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    Hi.... Can you tel me if there is anywhere in NFPA 72 or NFPA 101 that supports a delay in audible notification?
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  • ESFR Sprinklers & Hose Stream Demand

    As per NFPA, minimum hose stream demand when using a sprinkler system based on ESFR sprinklers is 250 GPM.   For attaining this hose stream demand, do we need to use Class I system using 65mm Landing valves or I...
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  • R290 Refrigerant

    We are looking to convert to R290 refrigerant for our product line. We will be building a test room where we can charge our units with R290 and test them. This room will be equipped with a ventilation system that...
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  • Are sectional assemblies considered separate systems?

    Are sectional assemblies considered separate systems?   For the purposes of internal pipe inspections, is each sectional assembly considered a separate system that would require its own separate internal inspec...
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  • 20 sqft of load creates a solid shelve ?

    NFPA 13 (2016) and A., Any load greater than 20 sqft would require rack sprinkler protection ?  So the racks that hold 4x8 sheets of drywall at home depot would require in rack sprinklers because f...
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  • Whether we could use dry type dust collector for metal dust Kst => 150 bar*m/S

    NFPA 484 clause " Media collectors shall not be permitted unless the combustible dust Kst is less than 150 bar-m/s"  Does it mean that dry type dust collector could not be used for combustible dust Ks...
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  • can i use EMT instead of RGS in mechanical room

    In Residential housing can i installed EMT conduit in Mechanical room, instead of RGS conduit.
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  • Fire protection of a board press

    What is recommended to protect a multi plateau board press heated with thermal oil?   Hood protection: along the press: (anybody have heard about mist to pretect the press?) in the pit (thermal oil spill). ...
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  • Hold-Open Devices on Rated Stairwell Doors

    I would like to get some opinions and input in regards to hold-open devices on rated stairwell doors.  NFPA 101,, allows for these devices to be used on stairwell doors as long as the 5 requirements are m...
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  • Disposing of Smoke Alarms

    Dear Lisa,                         I like the new tip sheet. This will be very useful with our smok...
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