• NFPA Health Care Section

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    Would you be interested in a Health Care section on Xchange. This website has the potential to draw from member's experience to be a resource for others with questions and ideas.
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  • We have a job located in San Luis OBispo County, Ca.

    Our task: To extend an underground water line which is to be used to service fire sprinklers in an existing prison. The work was designed to be performed by using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD); however the i...
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  • Can someone tell me who is the committee of correlation and that functions develops.  thanks

    In the process of developing a NFPA who is the committee of correlation     How do you decide the value of a specification for the first time when you develop an NFPA   On the NFPA  1977
  • Open Top Containters and NFPA 13

    My question is the treatment of open top combustible containers (Totes) in a solid pile storage arrangement protected with ESFR sprinklers. Table 15.4.1 clearly states no open top containers, however there is no subst...
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  • NFPA 72,

    On a monitored system, are separated buildings required to be equipped with remote annunciators, when the main FACP indicates the location of fire alarm? 
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  • Where can I find an article about identifying the FDC so it can be accessible et visible from the street ?

    NFPA 13 ask for a sign on the FDC so you know what it's connecting to (standpipe, sprinkler, pump, etc.) But what standard or code refers to "identifying the FDC so it can be visible from the street" ?
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  • NFPA 111 Battery testing

    It seems to me that in NFPA 111 that the minimum requirements for testing is monthly and then a choice of either taking periodic ohmic readings on all batteries and other operating parameters (NFPA 111, or an...
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  • Classified Bitumen tank at 150/200 Celcius degree

    I have a bitumen tank with operating temperature/ design temperature are 150/200 Celcius degree. The flash point of bitumen is 220 celcius degree. In this case, bitumen can be considered as liquid class IIIB, isn't it?
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  • What is code for underwater 120V lighting in a swimming pool. Can line be spliced within niche when replacing light?

    Have a situation where trying to replace underwater light fixtures (120V 400W) and are unable to pull old line out of conduit to replace with new line. Electrician on site wants to splice line. Is that even approved u...
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  • when relocating heads do they need to be new?

    I have a contractor that is relocating a few heads and adding new, here is where I think is a sketchy line is drawn and need your help. He relocated the heads but did not replace with NEW, he stated he did not remove ...
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  • Exposed to energized parts within a Panelboard

    Recently a manufacturer  procured new IP-20 style panel-boards.   These new panel-boards are designed to eliminate/reduce(???) arc flash exposure to personnel working within the energized panels. &...
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  • Pet Fire Safety: How to Protect Your Four-Legged Best Friends

    Four legs don’t stand in their way. Whether they share space with just one of us or an entire family, pets are very special members of our households. They depend on us for a safe and secure home, and they pay u...
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  • do you have Arabic copy of the NFPA 1912?

    Greeting  My name is Faisal Refaee. I am an officer in Saudi Civil Defense. Saudi Civil Defense intends to refurbish their Fire apparatus and vehicles. we need NFPA 1912 for this matter. in case there is no...
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  • Black thank connections

    Bought 2017 Retreat by Keystone.  I found out that the shower and bathroom water returns are connected to black tank.  Is that in accordance with code
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  • Brush Fire Prevention Question

    Hello everyone,   We are trying to determine the best method to protect one of our transmitter sites.  It is located in a marshland that becomes very dry in the summer.  Does NFPA have any recommendatio...
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  • I am designing a panel for test equipment consisting of motors that will never see full load.  If I size the overcurrent protection to the anticipated load, can I decrease the fla rating on the nameplate?

    Full Load Current based on overcurrent protection
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  • A spa (light hazard occupancy) is to go into the penthouse lease space of a 12 story luxury apartment building. How much in the way of bath salts, massage oil, designer robes, and soaps can the Spa stock or display before it is considered merchantile (Ord

    A spa (light hazard occupancy) is to go into the penthouse lease space of a 12 story luxury apartment building. How much in the way of bath salts, massage oil, designer robes, and soaps can the Spa stock or display be...
  • Fire Prevention Week

    When is National Fire Prevention Week in 2017.
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  • Fire hydrant installation

    Fire hydrant installation with use of thrust blocking vs mega lugs. Contractors insist mega lugs replace the need for thrust blocking at hydrant installations. NFPA 24 indicates hydrants shall be set on flat stone or ...
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  • thickness of the pipe

    If I connect a pipe coupling and the pipe (nominal size 40,50) to make a rolling groove can use the ducts of wall thickness of less than 3,4 mm (according Table A.6.3.2, SCHEDULE 10) or I have to go according to 6.3.2...
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