• Largest worldwide fire destruction hypothetical remedy

    Last year driving to California from the annual NFPA conference in Las Vegas, I witnessed massive fires out of control across the state. Residents told me of massive evacuations and destruction of homes. I witnessed t...
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  • Cell vs phone lines

    In NFPA 72, 2013 Edition, is there a section which states that cellular is allowed for communication to central monitoring instead of public switched phones (hardwired phone lines)?
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  • Propane Bobtail delivery hose replacement

    NFPA 58: Does the 10 year replacement requirement stated in (2) include propane delivery hoses? Or just flexible hose connections?
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  • Does Double wall tank of capacity 80 cubic meter requires Fire Protection?

    For Double wall horizontal diesel tank with (UL 142 certified of 80 cu.m each) type of Fire Protection required is Foam or spray ,Please Suggest ?
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  • how to select jockey pump capacity

    Based on NFPA 24 maximum leakage per 100 joints is 2 quatz per hour or 0.5 gallon per hour. The standard requires the water and the pressure to be replenished within ten minutes or 1 gpm whichever is larger  ...
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  • Why NFPA is withdraw its endorsement to the CEPI certification? (CEPI certification is the Spanish equivalent to the CFPS certification)

    Gentlemen: I am a CEPI (Especialista Certificado en Protección Contra Incendios por la NFPA) an equivalent Certification to the CFPS, Certified Fire Protection Specialist by the NFPA, (same book, same exa...
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  • NFPA13-2016, §8.2.4 Floor Control Valve Assemblies.* Multistory buildings exceeding two stories in heightshall be provided with a floor control valve, check valve, maindrain valve, and flow switch for isolation, control, and annunciationof water flow for each i...
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  • Does anyone have a defination of a seismic joint ?

    I have the definition of an expansion joint but not the definition of a seismic joint.
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  • tent

    Looking for tent fabric ratings
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  • There is a software for NFPA diamond ranking ?

    There is a software for NFPA diamond ranking?     we need to prepare inventory for Hazardous material.
  • Is there a standard on structural fire helmet color regarding rank?

    I am working on SOG's and need to know if there is an existing standard on rank coloring for helmets.  I cannot find anything but wanted to be sure.
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  • Inverter duty motor on a VFD in a Class II Div 2 environment

    Concerning putting an inverter duty motor on a VFD in a Class II Div 2 environment. What are the marking requirements?  It’s not clear in NFPA 70 and 652 how this motor should be marked. Can the motor have...
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  • NFPA 13R

    Where in NFPA 13R does it explicitly state that you can put four floors of habitational - 13R protected - above a basement or above a basement and first floor that are not habitational?  Also, with the maximum 60...
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  • The FM 200 which has been use for long time in data center, is it replaced with any kind of gases???

    FM 200
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  • Is there a safe method of diverting an explosion from a vent in a dust collector away from a building?

    We have an application for Oat dust and a confined area for the location of the collector.  The fireball diameter is calculated at up to 43m, but there are buildings nearby.  The dust collector stands about ...
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  • Is there a fillable form of NFPA 86 Application for Acceptance I can download?

    This form is on pg. 67-68 of the 2015 edition of NFPA 86. At the top of the page is "Annex A", and at the bottom "FIGURE A.4.1(a) Sample 1: Furnace or Oven Manufacturer's Application for Acceptance."
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  • We have a job located in San Luis OBispo County, Ca.

    Our task: To extend an underground water line which is to be used to service fire sprinklers in an existing prison. The work was designed to be performed by using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD); however the i...
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  • Can someone tell me who is the committee of correlation and that functions develops.  thanks

    In the process of developing a NFPA who is the committee of correlation     How do you decide the value of a specification for the first time when you develop an NFPA   On the NFPA  1977
  • Open Top Containters and NFPA 13

    My question is the treatment of open top combustible containers (Totes) in a solid pile storage arrangement protected with ESFR sprinklers. Table 15.4.1 clearly states no open top containers, however there is no subst...
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  • NFPA 72,

    On a monitored system, are separated buildings required to be equipped with remote annunciators, when the main FACP indicates the location of fire alarm? 
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