Firewise East - New Jersey to Florida

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Oct 15, 2010

The Lake Plymouth Community Association, a recognized Firewise Communities/USA site, was recently
honored with a wildfire protection sign from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service. The community is in the northwest corner of the state, bordering the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. As part of Lake Plymouth's wildfire safety efforts, residents partnered with the national lands staff to remove dead trees and other potential fire fuels from the boundary of the community. John Torregrossa, Lake Plymouth's Firewise leader, sent this great photo of the sign and the state staff who came to set it up.

Further south, the Florida Division of Forestry urges vigilance this fall and winter as predictive weather services indicate a continuation of dry weather - and high fire danger - through early 2011. According to the Panama City News Herald, state meteorologists have used historic records of "La Nina" winters - typically warm and dry -- to demonstrate the high fire activity typical of such weather patterns. The National Weather Service has issued numerous red flag warnings in recent weeks, indicative of this trend. No better time to become Firewise!