Firewise around the U.S.: I couldn't say it any better

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Nov 1, 2010

I like it when I get email that makes my blog posts easier, and gives me my big smile for the day. Here's a note from Larry Hinkle, President of the Awbrey Glen Homeowners Association in central Oregon, passed on to me by Bend Fire & Rescue Deputy Chief Gary Marshall:

Awbrey Glen Homeowners,
We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for participating in the Firewise cleanup project that took place in 2010.  The response was outstanding.
The Spring 2010 Clean-up the Glen program removed more that 1,070 cubic yards of combustible material from Awbrey Glen.  The Fall program, just completed, removed another 420+ cubic yards.  The total volume of material removed from Awbrey Glen was more that 1,490 cubic yards.  Last year, using the dumpsters in the parking lot program, we were able to remove only 420 cubic yards.  To sum up this year, we were able to remove an additional 1,000 plus cubic yards of material from the Glen, or 3.6 times more by using the Drive Through and Pick-up Program. Final good news is that our Association costs for the 2010 program were less than the 2009 program.
In 2011 we will again use the Drive Through and Pick-up Program, however because of the large cost savings we will require that all loose material such as pine needles and brush cuttings be bagged, rather than just piled roadside.  Tree limbs, dead trees that can be chipped-up will again be road side collected.  
The Fire Committee, chaired by Linda Stump, and Brown Thompson, Board representative, spent many hours organizing and completing this project for 2010. The Board would like to Thank them for their time and efforts on behalf of the Awbrey Glen Homeowners Association.  
Planning has already started for the Spring Cleanup.  Firewise Certification will continue for 2011.
Thank you for helping to keep Awbrey Glen a beautiful and Firewise place to live.
Now if that doesn't warm your heart, what does?

-Michele Steinberg