Disaster House TV and Firewise Principles-Grilled

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Nov 12, 2010

As we all know Hollywood has a way of sensationalizing just about everything-including fires.  But every once in a while they actually get things right and come up with something that will engage the viewing public and actually get an important message out to them.

Keith Worley, a Firewise proponent for several communities in Colorado and a member of our Division advisory committee, recently sent us a link to a segment filmed for the DIY Network series Disaster House.  Keith, along with the Castle Rock Colorado Fire Department and the Douglas County Colorado Office of Emergency Management, had the opportunity to "burn down a house" while discussing the risks associated with wildfire and the measures homeowners can take to help protect their home.  There is a very interesting demonstration of the use of foam to help protect the structure. 

The segment can be viewed at this link:


In typical Hollywood style, the piece is very sensationalized, and I think Keith and the rest of the crew had way too much fun with this.  But the messages portrayed as to what a homeowner can do are accurate and useful.  Take a look, and hopefully you might find some use in your Firewise messaging that may help reach the general public and compel them to take action. 

I wonder where NFPA can get a Megasaurus?