'Tis the Season for Tending to Firewise

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Dec 6, 2010



The winter season is on its way.  With its arrival comes the promise of snow and ice storms throughout many regions of the U.S.  While kids may rejoice at the prospect of a snow day, anyone who has to drive a car or worry about losing power is usually less than thrilled!  Tending to your Firewise landscape now can ease some of this winter pain.  Consider these motivating factors:   

  • Keeping trees healthy and trimmed staves off excessive damage from winter storms. By removing dead limbs and branches that sit uncomfortably close to the roof, we reduce the likelihood of power outages and roof damage from snow-loaded branches and other wintry conditions.    
  • Cleaning up unwanted tree debris is great kindling for your indoor hearth.  In addition, trimmed evergreen boughs and pinecones make ideal holiday decorations.  
  • Putting in the effort now makes your Firewise landscape more manageable in the spring.
  • Finally, outdoor labor is a great way to burn off those holiday treats!

As you prepare for the season ahead, keep in mind how tending to your Firewise landscape brings multiple benefits for you and your neighbors.  And from all of us at Firewise, have a safe and wonderful holiday season!