Taking Life in the Wildland-Urban Interface Seriously

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 11, 2011

Saw a great article today entitled, “Fire Marshal: Blaze was 'perfect storm'” out of Silver City, NM.

The article quotes Gary Benavidez, Grant County’s fire management officer, who mentions how important it is for residents to adopt Firewise principles before a wildfire threatens their area.  In light of an early wildfire season combined with a shortage of volunteer firefighters, Benavidez emphasizes, "If you live in a wildland/urban interface, you need to take it seriously.”  Here’s a link to the full article which offers some good advice for residents, and a clearer understanding of the problems New Mexico faces. Silver city wildfire media coverage 3  

According to Benavidez, what is most evident from this recent fire is that "defensible space" - clearing or reducing combustible vegetation from around a house - works. He goes on to say, "We aren't telling people to do this just so they will clean up their yards This is going to save their homes…Mow the grass. Prune the bushes. Do it, now. We can't predict when the next fire is going to happen."

Well said.  The photos certainly tell the picture of what’s happening down there.

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