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I caught this article on and was really happy to see our Firewise principles in action.  With the height of the CO wildfire season upon us, as homeowners, now’s the time to do what we can to protect our property and houses in the event a wildland fire spreads to our area, and creating defensible space Defensible Space around our home is one of the best things we can do.

According to the article, a four-person wildfire crew, hired by the town of Vail, “will be working in 16 project areas this season to help reduce Vail's wildfire danger. The defensible space work includes cutting, piling, chipping and burning of dead and diseased pine trees in the targeted areas as well as the cutting of affected aspen stands to accelerate new growth. In addition, crews will continue inspections of private properties to facilitate the removal of dead trees as required by the town.”

How great is that? If you live in Vail, I hope you take advantage of this service and their offer to provide Firewise property assessments. And let us know if you participate in the program. We’d love to hear about the results.

For more information and tips on creating defensible space around your home, check out our website at


I was recently catching up on local New England news by thumbing through last month’s Boston Globe Sunday Magazine editions when a particular article caught my eye: The deer-Lyme disconnect.

3_ss_lymedisease The article primarily focused on why new deer hunting programs aren’t enough to slow the spread of Lyme disease because, while effective at reducing deer populations, they don’t eradicate the ticks which carry the disease. I was intrigued by the article – as an avid hiker in New England, I’m concerned about the rising risk of finding one of these nasty disease-transmitting ticks on me after a day of splendor outdoors. 

I was also intrigued by the article for an entirely different reason. As part of a recommendation list for suburban homeowners to avoid ticks in one’s yard, the article suggests “regularly removing leaf litter and clearing tall grasses and brush away from your property,” including creating “a barrier between the lawn and any wooded areas with wood chips or gravel.”  Hmm.. sound familiar?  If I didn’t know better, I would think that I was reading a checklist for Firewise Landscaping tips!

The article obviously included a lot more information about the disease and scientific findings behind its spread, but I found it worth noting that homeowners should be encouraged by the multiple benefits of a healthy landscape during the summer months.  What’s good for your family’s health is also good for reducing the risk of unwanted fires spreading from nearby brush or grass to your house!


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