Top 10 Wildfires of All Time Highlighted in Time Magazine

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 15, 2011

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Benjamin Franklin was definitely onto something when he said this, and we in the Wildland Fire Operations Division and Firewise Communities Program couldn’t agree with him more. 

Time As the Arizona wildland fire rages on, it seems the subject of fire is on everyone’s minds these days.  As well it should be.  Summer marks the start of wildland fire season for most states, and with prolonged drought and higher wind conditions forecasted, this is a time when everyone must be on high alert, taking precautions to minimize their risk.  But who says we should wait until a fire is upon us?  Let’s face it, we can all procrastinate, saying, “It’ll never happen here,” or “I’ll get to that later,” but history tells us that many of these fires are unpredictable and can happen almost anywhere.  Whether these fires are the result of environmental factors, such as extreme weather conditions, or human-caused incidents, we can’t afford to be lax in our efforts to help ourselves and our neighbors prepare for the worst.  Together, while we can’t completely prevent these kinds of fires from happening, we can certainly take a stand and say, “I will do something about this.”

Time2 Take a minute and read through Time’s article.  It’s a quick snapshot of the top 10 wildfires around the world.  It’s eye opening and sobering. For more information about what you and your community can do now to keep yourself safe, check out our Firewise Web site, which offers plenty of tips and resources. Need more convincing? Check out our success stories that highlight Firewise principles in action.  You’ll see how people who have invested even a little time in prevention, were rewarded for their efforts.  Their homes are still standing.