Fire Officials Revisit Pinnacle Wildfire Scene in Austin

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 20, 2011

Fox 7Fox 7 in Austin, Texas covered the recent visit of fire officials back at the scene of the first urban wildfire to hit the Austin area. The Pinnacle fire burned 100 acres in April. Since then there have been more than 600 wildfires in Texas that scorched almost 40,000 acres. It is a troubling scene to look at even for veteran fire fighters.

Austin Fire Department Lt. Josh Portie, Justice Jones with the Texas Forest Service, and Firewise Regional Advisor Keith Worley toured the area as a way to learn lessons and help tweak their preparations for future wildfires through the Firewise program. 

"There are things out there that can give us some protection from these wildfires and we have just got to bring all those resources together. Get the message out and educate everybody about these principals,” said Portie.

Watch the Fox 7 Austin video clip of the Pinnacle Fire tour and hear about some of the suggestions offered for staying safe in the future