Michael Hazell

Wildland fire experts from around the world meet in Denver to discuss international efforts

Blog Post created by Michael Hazell Employee on Oct 26, 2011

Wildland fires are not only a problem here in the United States, but in countries around the world. Today in Denver, at a special pre-conference session, a group of international attendees met to follow up on discussions initiated at the 2011 International Wildfire Conference in South Africa. Together, they have formed a “Community Based Fire Management Working Group” aimed at promoting community level wildfire mitigation, prevention and education on a global level. Their goal is to have this information take a prominent place in sessions at the next International Wildfire Conference in 2015 in South Korea.

Front row (from left):
Kelly O'Shea, Partners in Protection Executive Director, Canada; Molly Mowery, NFPA Wildland Fire Operations Division; Alan Westhaver, Partners in Protection board, Canada; and Michele Steinberg, NFPA Wildland Fire Operations Division 

Back row (from left): Dave Nuss, NFPA Wildland Fire Operations Division Director; Kelly Johnston, Partners in Protection board, Canada; Zane Erasmus, Cape Nature, South Africa; Thomas Mackenzie, FFA Firewise Africa, South Africa; Jim Shannon, President, NFPA; Pieter van Lierop, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Italy; and Val Charlton, FFA Firewise Africa, South Africa.

- Mike Hazell