NFPA's Firewise program celebrates 10 years: Genesee Foundation in Golden, Colorado

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 27, 2011

Jim Shannon and Ken Kucera

NFPA President Jim Shannon with Ken Kucera of the Genesee Foundation

Genesee Foundation was a place with little awareness of wildfire prior to engaging in the Firewise pilot. They have since learned that the obstacles they face are similar to those that others deal with throughout the U.S. Every Fourth of July, the Genesee Foundation hosts a community celebration. Included in this celebration is a Firewise display. In addition, the Genesee Fire Department hosted a community meeting and discussed defensible space, evacuation procedures and the recently-completed wildfire hazard assessment.

NFPA's Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition Program celebrates 10 years, and honors the nine original pilot sites for their continued efforts in reducing wildfire risks. Genesee Foundation in Golden, Colorado is one of these pilot communities and accepted an award for this distinction from Michele Steinberg at the 2011 Backyards & Beyond Wildland Fire Education Conference.

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