The surprising facts you need to know about brush and wildland fires

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 28, 2011

Did you know that U.S fire departments responded to an average of 356,800 natural vegetation fires per year (2004-2008)? In most of these fires, less than one acre burned. These incidents accounted for 23% of all fires reported to local fire departments. During a session at the Backyards & Beyond wildland fire conference in Denver, NFPA’s Marty Aherns and Michele Steinberg presented facts and figures about brush, grass, and forest fires in the United States, as well as local fire department response.

  • On average, 976 brush, grass, or forest fires were reported per day.
  • 4,800 buildings were involved in these brush, grass, and forest fires per year.
  • Less than an acre burned in three-quarters (74%) of these fires. Only 4% burned more than ten acres.
  • Overall, one in five of these fires were intentionally set.

Read more – download a free copy of NFPA’s “Brush, Grass, and Forest Fires” report