Entertaining and educating with humor: laughter in the wildland urban interface

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 29, 2011

Keith Worley
Keith Worley is a master at using humor to introduce Firewise principles to the community. The self-described “Fire Wiseguy”, “Chainsaw Santa Claus”, and “Forest Gnome”, Keith says humor is an excellent teaching tool. “It gets your audience involved and helps them understand and remember your messages,” he said in this morning’s session called “Humor in the Wooo-eee!” at NFPA’s Backyards & Beyond wildland fire education conference in Denver.

Keith showed a video of a Fourth of July parade in his hometown of Perry Park, CO, which featured the “Perry Park Precision Pruners Firewise Drill Team” (featuring the “Lopper Lassies”) – the team took home first place! Keith also showed off his prototype “Swiss Army chainsaw”, complete with a magnifying glass so you can see what you’re cutting, a beer bottle opener, a rearview mirror, and nose-hair trimmer. Session attendees jumped right in, offering up their product development suggestions: a toilet paper holder, a sound system, a latte machine, a web cam, and a built-in walker for more “mature” workers. “The genius and brain trust in this room is incredible!” said Keith.

Keith Worley with chainsaw

Keith Worley audience

Keith Worley audience