A little Firewise preparation can go a long way

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Mar 26, 2012


I recently read this account of a brush fire in the Tampa Bay area that spread to homes. My first thought was, "Clean your roofs and gutters, folks!"

With wildfire season well underway in Florida, it's important to be safety conscious and not cause fires to start. But chances are, many residential areas will see fires nearby during this very dry and windy period in the Sunshine State. No matter what the cause, there are simple things that almost any homeowner can do to make sure their home doesn't fall victim to brush fire flames - like cleaning roofs and gutters of debris.

Many times when homes ignite during wildfires, it's because embers land on roofs and gutters filled with pine needles or leaf litter. That couple of hours you take to do simple cleanups could save your home and property from damage or destruction. Check out the Firewise Quiz to test your knowledge. Then check some of the tips and tools in the Homeowner area of the Firewise website. 

--Patrick Mahoney

Photo courtesy MyFox Tampa Bay