Firewise® Mapper on display at the 2012 ESRI International User Conference

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jul 25, 2012

The NFPA wildland fire operation division is currently demonstrating the power of ArcGIS online at the 2012 ESRI International User Conference.  More than 15,000 geographic information system (GIS) professionals, developers and end-users from 131 countries have converged at the San Diego Convention Center in California for five days of accelerated learning, discovery and exploration.  The advances in mapping through the use of cloud technology and sophisticated computer programming is simply astonishing. 

This past Monday, Jack Dangermond presented his vision on where this technology is moving and how it is enhancing integrated decision making capabilities to all the societal, economic and environmental challenges we face as a society.  To this end ESRI has recently released ESRI Maps for MS Office Add-In which brings the power of GIS technology to the Excel™ spread sheet user, truly an astonishing development.

From a public safety perspective incredible technological developments have been made in the area of wildland fire operations, fire management and planning.   For a little glimpse of this technology check out the Firewise® Mapper (Beta version) and the recently published Texas Forest Service Wildfire Risk assessment Public Viewer.

Firewise Map

Map 1  (click on link or map to access the Firewise Mapper)

Texas Map

Map 2  (Click on link or map to access the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal)