Colorado stakeholders collaborate to create preparedness video

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Aug 3, 2012

American Red Cross – Mile High Chapter Community Preparedness & Resiliency Manager Cari Wheat announced this week that, “Team Preparedness - a group of Denver area stakeholders with a mission of increasing citizen preparedness for all hazards, has created a thirty-minute video that highlights steps individuals should implement to prepare for disasters of all kinds, that can happen anytime and anywhere.”

The “Metro Voices” program features Colorado residents that were involved in the recent High Park Wildfire, Four Mile Canyon Wildfire, and the Windsor Tornado.  Through dozens of interviews individuals share their personal experiences of what they did and in some cases didn’t do, to prepare for the “event” that deeply impacted their lives.  Their moving stories will motivate others to take actions that may just well be the best time investment they’ll ever make. 

Coloradans can catch the segment every Thursday evening at 8 p.m. throughout August and September on thirty four public access cable channels (Channel 8); and can be viewed below:  

Never underestimate the power of firsthand experiences to convince others about the value of developing an emergency plan and the importance of practicing it to be prepared when disaster strikes. So this weekend ditch the plans to wash the car and paint the kitchen and instead watch this video with your family!

For more information on disaster preparedness visit Ready, Set, Go; Firewise; and the American Red Cross