NPR wildfire series worthy of a lunch hour

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Aug 27, 2012

NPR of Arizona professor Tom Swetnam examines a tree sample at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research in Tucson, Ariz. Swetnam's research focuses on understanding how forest fires are influenced by climate change. David Gilkey/NPR

Most days I try to prioritize my email inbox – some make it into the” must open right away” category, others into the “by the end of day category”, and some into the “if I ever have spare time” category.  Today I received one from a wildland firefighter friend with “NPR Wildfire Series” in the subject line. This is a friend who doesn’t ever send random junk mail, so while I ate my brown bag lunch at my desk I decided to open his email – mainly because I never hear from him.  The only thing written in the body of the email were these words, “YOU’LL LIKE IT!” and a link to the story he was suggesting I look at on the National Public Radio website.

So with a recommendation like that I spent the next few minutes eating my boring lunch totally absorbed in a four-minute video that accompanied the first of a five-part series on wildfires.  After watching the video I’ve added to my Bucket List a meeting and tour with University of AZ Professor Tom Swetnam at his lab tucked away underneath the university’s football stadium.

Watch the video and read the accompanied article from the series first installment and later today the video and article from the second part of the series “Why Forest-Killing Megafires are the New Normal” can be accessed. I can attest that it will be a great accompaniment to tomorrow’s meatloaf sandwich!

-Cathy Prudhomme