Calling all enforcers: the future of wildland firefighting qualifications depends on you!

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Sep 12, 2012

Are you a state fire marshal or fire commissioner? Someone who represents an agency that enforces wildland fire standards? The National Fire Protection Association needs your expertise on its committee developing the standard on Wildland Fire Fighting Professional Qualifications. And if you qualify, NFPA will cover up to 80% of your travel expenses to participate in committee meetings.

Why enforcers? Those who enforce fire and life safety standards are often in short supply on NFPA's Technical Committees, sometimes due to their many job responsibilities and sometimes because the cost of traveling to committee meetings is simply out of reach. 

NFPA's Technical Committees are responsible for the development and revisions to NFPA documents based on public input, public comments and committee input.  These committees work best when there is a broad representation from every interest area.  NFPA is committed to ensure that each interest category is fully represented. 

This is where YOU, as an enforcer, can help.  When enforcers serve on NFPA committees, they bring a unique set of experiences and insights to the process, which adds to the overall quality of the documents.  Enforcers share their technical expertise when they participate and also provide an invaluable perspective on the practical application of NFPA codes and standards in the field.

If you are involved in enforcing any kinds of wildland fire standards, especially statewide, you may be just who NFPA is looking for. The standard, also known as 1051, covers entrance standards and qualifications for a variety of professions in wildland fire fighting, including Wildland Fire Fighter I and II; Wildland Fire Officer I and II; Wildland/Urban Interface Protection Specialist; and Wildland/Urban Interface Coordinator. You can read it for free online at NFPA's "Document Information" pages linked throughout this blog.

Do you think you can improve on the 1051 standard? Learn more about becoming a Technical Committee member at www.nfpa.org/TC. And check out the Enforcer Funding Program to see if you qualify. You can also contact Carolyn Cronin at NFPA at 617-984-7240 or ccronin@nfpa.org with any questions.

Photo courtesy Nebraska Forest Service and Nebraska Wildland Fire Academy website.