Red guide to disaster recovery

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Sep 24, 2012 learned about a great resource currently available to San Diego County residents to be used in the event of a disaster.  It is called, "The Red Guide to Recovery". This resource handbook for disaster survivors is sponsored by the San Diego Burn Institute, Sempra Energy and others.  The book written by Sean Scott, was designed to answer critical questions that individuals have when they are recovering from a disaster including a wildfire. book addresses multiple decisions that will need to be made quickly after a disaster event and includes the following key issues:

  • Emergency preparedness kit
  • Taking safety precautions immediately following a disaster
  • Finding temporary shelter
  • Cleaning up and protecting your property
  • Submitting and pursuing your insurance claim
  • Finding financial aid
  • Selecting building contractors and others if you are not from San Diego you may want to examine some of the issues examined to prepare information for yourself in a notebook or recipe card box, so that if a disaster occurs you are ready.  The American Red Cross, and your local Emergency Management Agency would also have resource information readily available to you.Remember to always have an out of state contact designated for local family members to reach in case phone lines are down! 

Don't forget to prepare your home in the event of a wildfire event.  Fire Adapted Communities, Firewise Communities/USA® and the NFPA all have resources available to you on line to guide you in your preparations before an event.  It has been proven that preparation efforts will greatly reduce your losses in a wildfire event.  According to the FEMA website: "In the wake of disasters, people often wonder whether there is a way to protect both people and property from such devastating losses. The answer is a resounding "YES!" Mitigation is the way to provide that protection. Hazard mitigation means taking action to reduce or prevent future damage, preferably before a disaster strikes."  Create a Fire Adapted
with your neighbors today!