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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)has just opened the grant application process for theirMoney
Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) Grants. From today through January 18, 2013, your fire department, state organization, municipality or non-profit group may apply for funds to conduct wildfire safety projects!

The FP&S Grants are part of the Assistance to Firefighters Grants and support projects that enhance the safety of the public and firefighters from fire and related hazards. The primary goal is reduce injury and prevent death among high-risk populations. There are two kinds of eligible activities in the grant – Fire Prevention and Safety activities or Firefighter Safety Research and Development activities. Most folks involved in Firewise at the state and local level will be interested in the first category.

Eligible activities under the FP&S activity includes Wildland Fire Prevention Programs! According to FEMA’s guidance, these can include education and awareness programs that protect lives, property, and natural resources from fire in wildland/urban interface, including Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP)or Firewise programs. Fuel reduction demonstrations, in a targeted location as part of an awareness and education effort, are considered. However, prescribed burns and fuel reduction equipment are noteligible.

Eligible applicants for the Fire Prevention and Safety Activity (FP&S) activity include fire departments, national, regional, state, local, Native American tribal organizations, and/or community organizations that are recognized for their experience and expertise in fire prevention and safety programs and activities. Both private and public non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for funding in this activity. For-profit organizations, federal agencies, and individuals are not eligible to receive a FP&S Grant Award.

Read lots more on FEMA’s website here and be sure to download the funding announcement with all the details.

It’s the 5th day of our "12 Days of Firewise" campaign and we have our newest safety tip for you!

Firewood stacked by the house can help keep your home cozy during winter. However, as the snow melts and days become drier, the fire danger they pose is high. NFPA's Firewise Regional Advisor, Heidi Wagner, reminds us to move the firewood away from the home, fence or deck.

Don’t forget to check back each day for a new safety tip and video. You can visit the "12 Days of Firewise" webpage to view any of the previous videos and download the safety tip sheet.

- Anice Barbosa


Map with legend
Image 1: Map depicting significant fire events for 2012 (source: NASA Earth Observatory)

The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) statisitics show that more than 9.1 million acres had burned as of December 14, 2012—the third highest total in a record that dates back to 1960. Also notable: despite the high number of acres burned in 2012, the total number of significant fires— 56,406 is the lowest on record.  The net result being that the average fire size for 2012 is the highest on record.

Number of fires
Image 2: Number of significant fires this past decade (source: NIFC, 2012)

Area burned
Image 3: Number of acres burned per year this past decade (source: NIFC, 2012)

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