On the 7th day of Firewise, NFPA is giving you… a new way to trim a pear tree!

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Dec 19, 2012

Is that tree blocking your holiday decorations? Is it time for a trim altogether? When trimming your trees remember that the large ones should be limbed up 6-10 feet from the ground, and branches should be trimmed back so they don’t touch your home. Remember, there is more than one way to trim a tree to keep them healthy and Firewise!

In today’s "12 Days of Firewise" video NFPA Firewise Regional Advisor Heidi Wagner also reminds us why it’s best to clear out debris from under decks and porches during fire season and all year long.  

Missed one of our previous safety tips? Visit the "12 Days of Firewise" webpage to download the complete safety tip sheet and watch the videos you missed. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow, we will bring you another great safety tip and video!

- Anice Barbosa