Firewise "demo" homes keep communities fire-safe

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Very few people can lay claim
to having a miniature nature preserve in their backyard. There's the local wild
bird population; the privacy afforded by tall, thick brambles; the lack of
grass that needs mowing; and, of course, the clear and present threat of a fire
fueled by a highly flammable layer of shrubs and close proximity to a
5,000-acre natural area that had not seen a wildland fire in 60 years.

Joanne and Dick Bierschenk,
residents of seven-year Firewise community Cragsmoor, NY, had that precise
situation on their  property. Their home was selected as a Firewise
“demonstration” house. 


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The Bierschenks’ home before the demo project


To learn about the

demonstration home process, and to see the finished result, visit the 2012 Winter How-to newsletter.