Firewise success story: Concow/Yankee Hill, California

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Located in Northern California just 5 miles east of Paradise and 15 miles from Oroville in Butte County, Concow/Yankee Hill community is home to over 3,000 residents. Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council serves the communities of Yankee Hill, Concow, Pulga, Jarbo, Gap and Cherokee. Concow/Yankee Hill became a Firewise community in 2009, and has since been committed to keeping its residents Firewise-safe by providing timely information and hands-on opportunities in an effort to reduce the risk of a wildfire threat in their area.


Even before their inception into the Firewise Communities Program , the Council had championed its “Dooryard Educational Visits,” in which qualified Council members visit communities in teams and provide residents with a home and property evaluation to help them create defensible zones, review home construction and bring awareness to wildfire preparedness practices.


Read the complete story to find out about their amazing work and find out how your community can become Firewise as well!</p>