Clearing snow from hydrants helps your local firefighters

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Feb 21, 2013

This winter, depending upon where you live, Mother Nature has blessed us with quite a bit of the white stuff. In fact, here in New England we’ve seen storms almost every weekend for the last month, which have dumped up to a foot or more of snow each time in some areas. And as the snow continues to fall, we continue to shovel. The result: fire hydrants can easily get buried.

With winter’s grip upon us for the next month or two (maybe less, if we’re lucky) remember to take some time to shovel out the fire hydrant nearest your property, especially after a snowstorm. You’ll be doing your local firefighters a great service; access to critical water supplies during a fire means your fire department can fight flames more quickly and efficiently when they don’t have to dig out a hydrant.

And while the holiday season may be over, the video below featuring our Northwest Firewise advisor, Gary Marshall, still provides important information about the best way to shovel around the hydrant. Take a look and do your part to help keep your neighborhood safe.