Firewise communities kicked it into high gear in 2012

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Feb 26, 2013

To all of our 878 active Firewise communities across the country, we say:

Congratulations on a job well done!

Record breaking drought and high temperatures last year along with increased fuel loads (due in part to a number of damaging weather-related events) on our forest floors provided the perfect breeding ground for the more than 67,000 wildfires that burned over nine million acres of land. But while the fires painted a bleak picture for many communities, still many more didn’t wait till the threat was at their doorstep to get involved; they took action ahead of time to reduce their risk of damage.

How did they do it? Through hard work and perseverance, a few laughs and a whole lot of heart.

Check out our community success stories for the many projects and activities neighborhoods small and large have participated in. Want to know how you and your neighbors can get involved? It’s easy! Visit ourFirewise Communities/USA Recognition Program page for details. There you’ll find a number of resources that’ll help you get started including links to a homeowner’s checklist, facts about the Firewise program and contact information.

Want the chance to win valuable prizes to help with your mitigation efforts? Then join the Firewise Challenge this year and take your state to a whole new level of safety! The map below outlines the number of active Firewise communities in each state; we encourage you to take that number and raise it! Learn all about the Challenge on our website today.

Map of fw communities

Congratulations to all our Firewise sites for helping to create a safer world from wildfire! And don’t forget to tell us how you’ll make a difference this year. Your community could be highlighted on our success stories page!

Looking for more? Learn how your community can get involved in wildfire safety practices beyond your home and neighborhood. Check NFPA’s Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) website where you’ll learn about the many great programs and resources available through FAC’s coalition of wildfire safety experts.