Act before your house ignites

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 7, 2013

Firewise HomeSkipping out on mitigation, just because firefighters will try their hardest to prevent your home from burning down, is not a viable approach to dealing with wildland fires. There are a few problems with risking the well-being of your property by being entirely dependent upon fire departments.

Brush fires might not draw the attention of a fire department until they are advancing on homes, and they grow in strength as they spread uphill. As about 85% of our nation’s fire departments rely on volunteers, it can be difficult for the volunteer departments to respond as quickly as they would like.

The natural land around your home, while picturesque, can also hinder the efforts of firefighters. If it’s uphill, far from water and/or has narrow winding roads, reaching any given house if many are threatened becomes a daunting task.

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