In southern California it is never too early to prepare!

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 7, 2013 Riverside County a wildfire (Jurupa Fire), February 28 - March 3 included voluntary evacuations in the areas of Greenbrier Trail and Grassy Trail in the City of Riverside. At one point 1,846 residents of Riverside were without power.  Some of the cooperating agencies that assisted were: CAL FIRE/Riverside, Corona FD, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Morongo Fire Department, Murrieta Fire Protection District, Orange County Fire Authority, Pechanga FD, Riverside City FD, Riverside City PD, Riverside County Fire Department, Orange County Fire, Riverside County Roads, Riverside County
Sheriff’s Office, Southern California Edison.

Residents here in Southern California can take preventive steps to protect probably one of the biggest investment of their lives, their home. 

There are many simple things that can be done now to make your property safer, these include:

  1. Cleaning leaves and other flammable materials from your gutter
  2. Removing vegetation from underneath your decks
  3. Keeping the area 5 feet from your home free of flammable materials is especially helpful.   Use non-combustible mulch like river rock for this area in particular
  4. Make sure that you have vents that meet the current fire code.
  5. Limb trees at least 6 feet up and 10 feet away from your home
  6. Remove dead material such as accumulated leaves and sticks after the winter from at least 30 feet around your home
  7. Make sure that plants around your home are healthy and well cared for
  8. Remove the winter’s accumulation of flammable materials or trash from around your home
  9. Make sure that wood piles are located at least 30 feet from your home

For more information and tips to make your home safer during wildfire events go to the Firewise website at  There are free online classes and handout materials that you can order to help you.  Find out how your community can become a nationally recognized Firewise Communities/USA® site.  Too learn more about what you can do to prepare for an evacuation visit Ready, Set, Go!