Share your committment to being a fire adapted community

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on Mar 12, 2013

Wildfire-Embers signature banner - March 11 2013

Within a relatively short period of time, awareness of the Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) program has grown rapidly; and stakeholders are embracing the fact that the more actions a community undertakes, the more fire adapted it becomes.

Last week I was reminded just how much the FAC movement is gaining momentum when I received an email from Schelly Olson with the Grand Fire Protection District in Granby, CO.  She promoted their use of the Firewise and Ready, Set, Go programs by adding the FAC banner to her email signature, demonstrating how stakeholders at all levels can promote the importance of being a Fire Adapted Community.    

Awareness about the collection of information and resources available on the FAC website continues to build through public service announcements, outreach projects, and the work of a wide-range of proponents.  By simply adding the FAC banner to her emails, Schelly’s promoting the plethora of resources available on the fire adapted communities website.  Show your commitment to being a Fire Adapted Communities advocate by putting the banner on your signature line; and encourage your colleagues to add it too.  Demonstrating and reinforcing that it takes a unified and complimentary collection of resources for a community to become fire adapted benefits everyone.

To add the banner to your signature line - copy the graphic above and add it to your email's signature box. For additional PSAs and campaign tools, visit the FAC Media and Outreach page.