What can’t be insured

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Mar 13, 2013

PossessionsYet another inadvisable state of mind as far as wildfire prevention: Well, my insurance should cover any damages on the exceptionally unlikely occasion of nature burning down my house.

 In the event that a wildland fire does reach and destroy your home and all of your worldly possessions, it may seem logical just to be grateful that you’re adequately insured. However, most homeowner policies do not cover any landscaping or plants that are destroyed in wildland fires. Also, your worldly possessions likely hold some sort of sentimental value separate from their monetary worth.

So, on top of making every effort to ensure that your home is taken care of through Firewise principles, try to schedule a yearly insurance evaluation to understand what is or is not covered. Taking inventory of your home is also sensible, just in case of an unforeseen disaster; there are free online tools to help you through it.